Have you ever eaten a chocolate bar? Well, if you answer that with a “NO” then you probably live in an alternate dimension, where people failed to develop taste buds. The ultimate treat that is absolutely enjoyed by everyone across the whole world. It is the perfect gift, the perfect delicacy, and in some cases it is part of rituals. But in this article we will talk about cocoa beans, from which we get this unearthly delicacy we so lovingly call chocolate. Have you ever wondered which countries produce the most amount of cocoa beans in the world, and which countries produce the highest quality cocoa beans? Well, in the following article we will try to answer this question. Our researchers have delved deep into the archives of the internet to reveal all there is to know about this amazing topic. The article is a must read for any chocolate lover, and if you are looking for some quality infotainment then you have indeed come across the right page. As always, you can read all about our research methodology in the full article, unfortunately I cannot get into further details in this short intro, but I will point you in the right direction.

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