8 Countries that Produce The Most Cotton in The World


For centuries, the only we had only cotton for making clothes out of. Even though we have a lot of other options today, but clothes made out of naturally grown cotton are still in very high demand. Historians speculate that cotton have been cultivated by us from about 5000 BCE. And even today it is one of the most important cash crop of the world. Cotton is the single most important raw material for the textile industry around the world. Even though the cotton was first cultivated in Asia, but now it has spread across the word. Cotton plant needs sufficient sunlight to develop properly, and frost can cause significant harm to the plant. This is why cotton thrives in a tropical environment. You can imagine that cotton production has reached new heights thanks to modern cultivation and collection techniques, but still in some countries cotton is being harvested by hand. It is estimated that about 25 million tons of cotton is being produced each year in the entire world, and a lion’s share of this number is produced in the top 8 cotton producing countries. If you are seeking some quality infotainment, then you should read the following article.

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