8 Countries that Produce the Most Crude Oil in the World


Crude Oil is a hot commodity. When it comes to energy production, we are very much dependent on crude oil. It is true, that other means of energy production are being tested, but from the looks of it, crude oil will keep dominating the energy sector for at least a couple of decades. Crude oil is used to produce a lot of things. Mainly fuel for our vehicles, and it is also used to produce electricity in developing countries. And it is a multibillion dollar industry. Some countries have huge reserves of this precious commodity, and by selling these to the world they are making a huge profit. Today, we will be talking about such countries. Unfortunately, crude oil reserves are not unlimited. And eventually we will run out of crude oil, and thus we need to develop an alternative energy source. Another downside to burning oil to get energy is that it is extremely inefficient, and the chemical reaction causes massive amounts of pollution. So, if someone comes up with a renewable source of energy that is also environmentally safe, it would become the invention of the century. However, till that time comes, crude oil is going to rule over the energy sector.

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