Since two thirds of our entire planet’s surface is covered in water, it should be no surprise to anyone that a majority of our protein intake actually comes from the fishes. Though some people just abhor seafood, but still seafood is probably more popular than any form of protein available to us, even more so than red meat. Naturally, we consume a huge amount of seafood or rather fish each day. If you are more akin to eating a fish than meat, then you are going to absolutely enjoy the following article. And if you happen to be more inclined towards meat, then you should go through the article just for the infotainment factor. Have you ever wondered which countries in the world produce the most amount of fish? Well, if you have then you will definitely have your question answered in the following article. In the following article, our researchers will present you with a meticulously prepared list of top fish producing countries. As always, you can check our facts, and also learn about our research methodology in the full article. Without further ado, let you point you in the right direction.

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