8 Countries that Produce the Most Garbage in the World


This planet is our home, no matter which country we belong to, we cannot yet move beyond the boundaries of Earth. Therefore, it would only make sense if we behave accordingly. Unfortunately, even though we say that this planet is our home, but only a few people actually act as such. Most people are concerned with the place they live in and that’s all, they do not care for the rest of the planet. Even what is happening at the outskirts of their own city does not concern them at all. That being said, it is only natural that we would produce garbage. Garbage generation in massive quantities is a major problem that the world is currently facing. In this modern age, not all garbage is harmless, in fact a huge amount of garbage produced here is toxic to the environment and to us. Unfortunately, garbage disposal policies of some countries are not good enough. And this is causing problems for other countries. The good news is, environmentalist groups are putting pressure on the governments of such countries to rethink their policies. Hopefully, in the end things will turn out to be good.

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