It is no news that we are seriously looking for new sources of energy. Not only because or dependence on burning fossil fuel for energy is talking a massive toll on the environment, but also we are running out of usable fossil fuel reserves. It is only a matter of time that we totally run out of this resource, therefore time is of the essence and we must figure out a cleaner, renewable source of energy to sustain ourselves. Now that being said, things are not totally grim when it comes to sources of renewable energy. Scientists have come up with many impressive and workable ideas. Take the wind turbines for example, these ingenious machines use the wind current to generate electricity. But as the name suggests, today we will be talking about geothermal energy. Well, at the core of Earth is still filled with molten magma. Basically, our planet has a core made out of molten metal, and this gives us the magnetic field around our planet that protects us from solar radiation. Since the core of Earth is still molten, you can imagine how much heat is down there. The good news is we need not go down that deep to harness the power of geothermal energy.

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