Farming has been an inseparable part of our lives from time immemorial. Our transition from foragers to farmers marks a crucial milestone in our evolution as a race. We truly evolved into something far superior than the rest of the animal kingdom through farming. And even today, it is through farming that we are able to keep the entire population of the world fed. You can easily imagine, that there are way more of us now than ever before, and the land available to us for the purposes of farming is also shrinking. If we do not come up with a good solution, worldwide famine could take hold. But that is another a topic for another article. Today, we will talk about the countries that produce the most grain and are responsible for feeding the most number of people in the world today. Well, if we talk about the numbers, then Asia has the largest population of any continent of the world. However, farming is not solely dependent on the amount of land you have available for farming, today it is also heavily influenced my science and technology. So, the resulting list is quite interesting, and you will definitely have your daily dose of infotainment when you read through it.

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