Please do not get us wrong, we do not endorse illegal drug usage nor do we want to promote this practice in any way. In fact, you are seeing this article because we wish to make people aware of such things, and we hope that in the war against illegal drug trafficking, our article will produce new soldiers. Drug abuse is a serious problem all over the world. The most disheartening part of it all is that drugs have made their way into schools and into hands of kids. Just imagine, if things are not taken care of in time, what can happen to the future generation. Thankfully, most countries in the world have taken a firm stand against this common enemy, and those involved are brought a swift judgement in those places. However, perhaps the most efficient way of dealing with this problem will be to strike down the source of the problem. And by the source of the problem, I mean the countries where these drugs are being produced. Of course, the governments of those countries deny involvement with the drug cartels, but it is better that we learn about these countries.

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