8 Countries that Produce the Most Iron in the World


Iron is undoubtedly the most utilized metal in the world today. And, it has been for a long time since its discovery around 5000 BCE. I mean just imagine an entire time period of our ancient history has been named the “Iron Age” does it not say something. Today however, iron it its purest form is not used that much, it is converted to steel which is a much better and tougher metal compared to iron. But, building and other construction still use huge quantities of iron today. In the past, iron production was a lengthy and troublesome process. Though today the principle behind extracting iron from its ore have not changed, but the technology has changed a lot for the better. The temperatures necessary to separate iron from ore is rather high, and in the old days achieving such high temperatures required days, which we can do today in matter of minutes with the use of blast furnaces. You can imagine this has led to a massive increase in iron production around the world. The 8 countries that we are going to talk about produce most of the world’s iron among themselves.

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