8 Countries that Produce the Most Leather in the World


We live in a world full of synthetic materials. However, that does not mean the authentic stuff is losing value. I am talking about leather of course. Leather has been used to craft footwear, bags, jackets and all sorts of stuff for a very long time. But convenience and technological advancements have allowed us to produce leather like synthetic materials. These things have pretty much taken over the market. But there still exists a niche, where leather is the absolute necessity. I will not go into the niche for exotic leather goods, such as handbags, and shoes made out of crocodile leather. But the leather we get from domestic animals like cows, and sheep. If you are not picky enough, you may end up buying synthetic leather goods. Economically speaking, leather is a pretty important commodity. Have you ever wondered, which countries produce the most leather in the world? Well, if you ever wanted to know then you are at the right place. Our researchers have done some research and have managed to come up with the answer to that question. As always, you can read all about our research methodology in the full article.

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