8 Countries that Produce The Most Lithium in the World


If you have a smartphone, or a laptop or a digital camera or all of these, you probably are familiar with the word lithium. Well, if you do not possess any of the aforementioned gadgets, then you are likely a time traveler from the distant past of way ahead in the future, and this article is not for you. Ok, jokes apart, let’s get to our today’s topic. Yes, lithium is a very important metal for this time and age. It is in extremely high demand right now, and the lithium producing industry is a booming one. The primary use of lithium of course is to make awesome rechargeable batteries that can dish out a lot of power despite being relatively small in size. Well, it has to, as the modern devices are more power hungry than ever. Also, Aluminum-lithium alloys are used in aircraft production, high endurance bicycle frames and high-speed trains. There are several other uses for this awesome metal, but this short intro does not allow me to cover all of that and more. But, I can surely point you in the right direction.

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