Did you why the nickel (I am talking about the coin, the 5 cent one) is called the nickel? Well, it is because the coin contains a large amount of nickel in it. But of course, nickel is not only used for making coins, which is a prominent use of this amazing metal mind you. But nickel is also used for various other things. The most defining property of nickel is that it is highly corrosion resistant, even at very high temperatures. Therefore, nickel is heavily used to shield other metals that are exposed to extreme temperatures. You will find nickel in your everyday electric over to the propeller of a luxury cruiser. If you want to protect some other metal from corrosion, you have to resort to nickel. Also, if you are thinking about cutting your carbon footprint down, and get a hybrid car, then you will have to tank nickel for its used to make nickel-metal hydride batteries that powers hybrid vehicles. Also, nickel is used to make rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries. It is only natural that one would be curious to learn about this amazing space age metal.

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