Unless you absolutely hate onions, you are going to find this article rather interesting. I mean, any type of spicy food must have onion in it, imagining a world without onion is next to impossible. From time immemorial, this unassuming looking, but rather a strong tasting spice have been an inseparable part of our kitchen. In some parts of the world, onion is even eaten raw with bread. But in the western world, however, we often don’t eat onion in this way, rather it is used as to spice the food up. Well, perhaps there is one thing about onion that we could live without, that is the onion induced crying. Things could get rather embarrassing if you had to answer the door right after you are done chopping onions. That aside, onion is a great vegetable, apart from its distinct aroma and flavor it also offers a great deal of health benefits and nutrients that help us a lot. This is why, onion has become one of the most important economically grown vegetables of the world as of now. Many countries import a large quantity of onion each year, and today we will be taking a look at those numbers.

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