Opium is a substance that has great implication, as it is the raw material for a lot of derivatives which are used in various ways. Most important of all of its derivatives is the morphine. It is a very strong analgesic, it is famous for being used by the military of various countries. As it has the ability to highly reduce the pain felt by a wounded soldier, even so that a grimly wounded soldier could carry on fighting under its effects. Also, this milky white substance is used to produce heroin and codeine, which as you probably know are drugs that can stimulate euphoria and an overall sense of well being when consumed. Making it a highly abused substance all over the world. Of course, we do not endorse the consumption or regulation of any kind of illegal substances. And this is no exception, the article only serves as a tool for raising awareness. You can imagine, that looking for authentic data regarding this rather sinister topic required a lot of effort from our part, and eventually we did manage to find a few websites that are dedicated to this subject. This allowed us to come up with our list.

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