8 Countries that Produce the Most Potatoes in the World


Though disputed, but many believe that the potatoes originated in modern day Peru. But guess what, they are not the largest producers of potatoes today. In fact, the potato production scene of the entire world has undergone drastic changes in recent years. As one could guess, the biggest potato producers were European and North American and a few Soviet blocks back in the day. As potatoes were the staple food of those countries. However, if you look at the numbers, it becomes very clear that the demand and production of potatoes have increased many folds in Asia, Africa and Latin American countries, pushing the net production of potatoes from 30 million tons in the early 1960s to more than 165 million tons in 2007. Quite surprising isn’t it. Our researchers have delved deep into the archives of many record keeping agencies in order to put together the list of top potato producing countries of the world. And if you are looking for some quality infotainment, I highly recommend that you read the full article, because you are going to absolutely love its contents. And if you do not like potatoes in general, then I think you should stay away.

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