8 Countries that Produce the Most Rice in the World


Believe it or not, rice feeds more people in the world than anything else. It is the staple food in countries with the highest population density in the world. In most Asian countries the staple food is rice. And there are several species of rice that are being produced there, and also genetically engineered rice are being introduced in those regions regularly in order to feed the ever growing population. That being said, you can probably guess that today’s list is going to be populated by various countries from Asia. Do you like your rice, if you do then you are going to enjoy the article very much. In today’s article we will try to discover the highest rice producing countries of the world. These countries not only produce rice for their domestic use, but some of them also export huge quantities of rice to other countries. As many Asians have settled in the western countries, the demand for rice has grown many folds in the west as well. Also, various cooking techniques used to prepare rice dishes have made sure that anyone can enjoy rice. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you can find a classic dish made of rice that you can enjoy.

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