8 Countries That Produce The Most Robots in The World


If you have seen too many science fiction movies growing up, then perhaps when you hear the word robot, you will see the face of T1000 (Robert Patrick) from Terminator 2. But in reality, robots are hardly anything like that. Robots are merely tools through which we can make our lives much easier. At least for the time being, the robots are confined to the production lines, taking over from humans and helping to averse accidents in dangerous conditions. Not to mention robots are way more efficient than humans when it comes to performing repetitive tasks. Although, designing and manufacturing robots is no easy task. Only a few countries in the world have the industrial ability and prowess to produce significant numbers of them to impact the overall country’s economy. It can be speculated that robots will eventually takeover all dangerous and repetitive jobs from humans in the future, but that day is still way far ahead. Robots can also play a significant role in the military, just take a look at the drones for example. Although, the drones are not autonomous, they require a human operator to perform the assigned tasks. Unless someone cracks the problem of artificial intelligence, robots are not a threat to us in any way.

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