We are quite familiar with sheep, or rather mutton. Yes, the meat of sheep is highly regarded among foodies. Well, not so much as beef, of course, but lamb and mutton is also very popular. But today we are not going to talk about sheep as in food, but rather as in the source of wool. Well, the wool is quite essential if you happen to live somewhere cold. Wool clothing has kept us warm for centuries. Along with cotton, ancient humans also resorted to wool for making threads to sew clothes. And this tradition continues to this day. Even though there are many modern day alternatives available to wool, but if you like to live organic, you have to resort to wool. Wool clothing needs a bit more care to keep compared to synthetic stuff, but they are definitely better quality than most. This is why wool is still in high demand in the market, and from the looks of it, wool will remain as a highly commercially viable commodity for the coming decades. Have you ever wondered which countries of the world produce most wool as of today? Well, if want to know the answers, you better check out the full article.

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