8 Countries that Produce The Most Soy Beans in The World


Historians believe that the soybean has been an integral part of Asian cuisine for thousands of years. They have found compelling evidence of soybean cultivation in Asia that predates any other continent of the world. And today soybean has established itself as one of the most important food crops in the entire world. When it comes to proteins, soybeans belong to the handful of plants that have a full array of amino acids in their protein compositions which is comparable to meats, dairy products and eggs. This is why soybean is regarded very highly in the world. Soybean has multiple uses, and some scientists are trying to produce processed soybean oil that will be able to power future vehicles. This could be a solution to our energy problem. But that is still a science fiction, let us take a look at some products that are made of soybean and are in high demand in the market right now, protein powders, textured, soybean vegetable oil, vegetable protein, dry beans, sprouts, livestock feed, gluten-free flour and many more. I am sure, you are also a consumer of some of these products.

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