If you have a sweet-tooth, then the relationship between sugar and you is quite intimate. Even though, if you are not careful with your sugar intake, you are going to put on some pounds very fast, you just cannot help but take more sugar. Therefore, we highly recommend that you should try to lay off on sugar a little bit. Rather than taking more sugar, in the meanwhile, you should read about sugar. And in this article we are going to talk about sugar, and also discuss how amazing of a substance it is. Doctors always tell us to take less sugar, but in reality, if you look at the numbers, it seems that our sugar consumption is rising at a steady rate. And every year there is a need for more sugar around the world. The entire sugar production industry has been enjoying heavy growth in recent years. Have you ever wondered which sugar producing countries reign supreme over the others? Well, if you read the following article you will have your question answered. Our researchers have scoured the internet and have put together the list of top sugar producing countries.

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