8 Countries that Produce the Most Tea in the World


Tea is perhaps the most popular non-alcoholic beverage in the entire world. There is a stereotype about the British, that they are the biggest tea drinkers, but the fact are not that simple. Not every Englishman you see are going to be all that enthusiastic about tea. In fact, the countries that consume the most tea are located in Asia. It is believed that China is the birthplace of tea, and that they are the ones who popularized tea drinking habit in the world. Naturally, you can expect that the countries populating our list will belong to Asia. However, there is one exception and that is Kenya, which is an African country. Since you are showing interest in this article, I think it is safe to assume that you like to drink tea as well. Whether occasionally or regularly, if you drink tea, you are going to absolutely love following article. Our researchers have dug deep into the internet in order to compile the list of top tea producing countries. I am sure, you would like to know where this precious commodity comes from before making its way into our dinner table.

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