We like to test ourselves from time to time, be it through some rigorous exercise or constructive argument with a buddy. This helps us restore confidence and maintain a healthy life overall. At first the logic/number puzzles began as means of passing some idle time, but over the years, this activity has gained quite a lot of attention and grown into something of a phenomenon. In the eighties, the Rubik’s cube revolutionized and reinvented the concept of puzzle games. Following the huge success of this wonderful puzzle, many have tried their luck with such products and we have now a huge collection of logic/number puzzle games at our disposal, not just to pass the time but trying and managing to solve such puzzles can be really immersive and truly satisfying. There are many competitions held all over the world based solely on logic/number puzzle games as well. But not all of these puzzles are easy enough for everyone to pick up and play, some puzzles are even so complicated that it requires special knowledge of certain fields. Today we will be discussing about a few logic/number puzzle games that are quite simple, and can be really entertaining for a wide audience.

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