8 Lowest Paying Blue Collar Jobs in America


It is true that the principle of dignity of labor is indeed in practice in the United States of America. But, the payment for a blue collar worker or a person who provides manual labor for a living is a completely different story. Yes, they enjoy a great deal of respect from everyone around them in the United States, but their pay grade is rather low. Unfortunately, this is the fact of life, and sometimes they receive way less than they deserve. It is also true that the growth in the job market is largely due to the growth in the blue collar jobs alone. The rate of unemployment fell almost two percent compared to the last year because of this massive growth in the blue collar jobs in the US. The rate of unemployment is currently at 5%, which is normal, compared to almost 7 percent. The minimum wage is currently set at 7.25$ per hour, and many are stuck in the lowest possible paygrade jobs. But these workers are staging lots of protest to raise the minimum wage level further. But as of now, the jobs that made our list are the lowest paying blue collar jobs.

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