8 Major Threats to Biodiversity and Ecosystem


There is no other planet out there in space that has life on it. Well, the possibilities are endless, but we do not know for sure, whether alien life exists or not. And for as long as we cannot confirm the existence of life out there, planet Earth is all we have got to go on. Thankfully, our planet has been blessed with countless lifeforms belonging to millions of species. If we look at the numbers, scientists discover almost 13000 new species every year on an average. Now let us talk about biodiversity for a while. Biodiversity basically means the diversity among the lifeforms that are in existence today, from the microscopic organisms to the largest living creatures, the blue whales. Every single living entity is part of our biological world in their respective ecosystems. It is quite apparent, that every organism has its own unique part to play for our planet and its survival. No single species can survive on its own, without help from other species. Regardless, how intelligent or powerful one given species is. Yes, I am talking about us, we may be the dominant species on the planet, but we must not forget about other inhabitants of our planet.

There are several human made reasons, that are now threatening the balance of the entire planet’s biodiversity, and these issues must be addressed in order for us to survive in the long run. You can read more about this in our article titled “Major Threats to Biodiversity and Ecosystem”. Just click on the link to access the full article.