8 Most Expensive Breguet Watches


Did you know, that a well made time piece can cost more than a brand new Ferrari? Yes, when it comes to the expensive and exclusive time pieces nothing beats the Breguet Watches. Breguet is a Swiss watch manufacturing company. It has been in business since 1775. It was the brainchild of Abraham-Louis Breguet a renowned Swiss watch maker and innovator of his time. His company is still continuing his legacy in a grand manner. Most of us can never imagine owning a mere time piece that is worth more than a car, but there are people out there looking for such exclusive timepieces to purchase. Watches with a seven figure price tag really exist to serve this niche. If you think about it, investing a million dollars in a real estate would make a lot of sense when compared to a watch. However, it is hardly the case, because these watches are not mere timepieces, in fact they are valuable assets. That being said, you can actually expect appreciation in the price of such a watch with time. Well the thing with expensive timepieces is that you cannot carry a fat stack of cash with you, but you can however, convert it into a seven figure timepiece and show it off to the world.

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