Pretty much everyone has stayed a night at a hotel at some point, even if you do not like traveling. There is nothing much to talk about, when you stay at a regular hotel by the road. It’s convenient, cheap,   nothing fancy, more over it gets the job done. However, it is obvious, that there is more to hotels than this. As you probably know, that hotels in the United States are graded based on its location, services, staff quality, and all the amenities it offers. And then the hotels are assigned a star or diamond rating based on the grading, from one to five. So, a five star hotel is considered as the pinnacle of the hospitality industry. That being said, it must be mentioned here that this grading system is not universally implemented yet. There are hotels out there that claim to have even a seven star rating. The first of which is Burj Al Arab, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, today we will be focusing on the expensive rooms to get in a hotel not the hotel as a whole. So, the star rating of a hotel might not be of relevance when considering a single suite.

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