8 Most Expensive Places to Visit in Africa


Africa is generally considered the least developed continent of all, and to be honest that is true to some extent as well, but does not necessarily mean Africa cannot be great spot for spending the holiday. Africa may be lacking in terms of technological advancements, but it makes up for it with its abundant natural beauty and very diverse way of life of the natives.

Apart from immense natural beauty to behold, Africa offers some exotic and pleasureful experiences as well, such as the wildlife safaris, it is perhaps the most popular reason for a visiting Africa. The opportunity to observe the majestic animals in their natural habitat is in abundance in Africa. Another popular reason for visiting this wonderful continent is the tribal experience. Many tourists from all over the world visit Africa for experiencing its unique way of life. There are many communities in Africa where life has not been touched by modern technology. This creates a window to the past and gives us the opportunity observe how life used to be in. Another tourist attraction is the camel trek, this will enable you to immerse yourself into the Bedouin culture. If you seek adventure, nothing beats traversing rough landscapes on the back of a camel with a caravan of Bedouins.

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