8 Most Expensive Smartphones in 2015


It has not been long since the advent of smartphone technology, and already it is reshaping how we interact and how we go about our daily lives. I mean before 2007, video conferencing on the go or spending heaps of money shopping while you are waiting in a queue was just something straight out of science fiction. But as we all know, after Apple introduced their flagship I phone that year, everything pretty much changed. One thing must be pointed out here, that Apple like always target the rich spectrum of consumers, but today there is a smartphone for every budget. But budget smartphones are a topic for another day. Today we will be taking a look at some of the premium smartphones out there in the market for you to pick up. Well, if you can afford it, there is just no reason to hold up on the extra money that you will have to pay to get the latest and feature packed device offered by the big brands today. You will really be amazed if you sit down and look through all the features these premium devices have. Though you will never use all of these features regularly, but have a few extra bells and whistles do help to make you stand out in the crowd.

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