If planting flowers and maintaining a perfect lawn is just not the best solution for that wide space in your backyard, then how about installing one of 8 most profitable aquaponics fish and system in 2017?

Is aquaponics profitable? Well, the answer is the same as for any other venture. It all depends on how much time and money you are willing to invest in it. Generally, most people turn to aquaponics system as a hobby or a way of using that extra space in the backyard. The aquaponics profit margin is difficult to determine due to this particular reason. This remains to be a relatively new way of growing produce, and the majority don’t invest enough in it. According to one study, 31% of the producers gained revenue from their aquaponics system, but the rest had others sources of income. Either way, your aquaponics profit per square foot should be high enough if you decide to combine the right plants with our choice of most profitable aquaponics systems and fish. And that’s exactly what Insider Monkey is advising you to do.

Which species proved to be the most profitable? Surely you’ve heard of one already, but you’ll see it’s not Insider Monkey’s first choice. The fish were ranked according to their harvest time. The sooner they mature, the lower the costs. Whether you’re keeping fish for your own family needs, or you wish to sell it at the market, harvest time is crucial in both ways.As well as that, you’ll see which systems are the best to install, i.e. the easiest to maintain.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so these systems require some effort, too. Avoid the complications by choosing one of these 8 most profitable aquaponics fish and system in 2017