8 Most Racist Cities in Europe


Racism is a word that has been uttered way too many times in agony, pain and disappointment. But it seems there just is not an end to this dark chapter of humankind. It is true that today, many countries have special laws and regulations in order to minimize its effect, but the abolishment of racism is not something that can be achieved through legislations. Every single person must understand that, everyone has feelings and emotions, and most importantly, no one is lesser nor superior, everyone is equal in this wonderful world. In some societies, there is a deep rooted belief system, which makes people think that for whatever reason, someone not belonging to a certain demographic is lesser that a human, as long as we are unable to route this belief system entirely, racism will remain. Even today hate crimes are committed worldwide out of racism. As long as we are able to totally eradicate racism from the face of Earth, we must keep an eye out and keep vigil from places where the racism is predominant. For this reason, we have decided to make a list that will make people living or visiting Europe aware.

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