8 Most Successful Project Runway Designers Through 2018


Even though their shows finished some time ago, they keep on winning in real life. Of course, we’re talking about 8 most successful Project Runway designers through 2018 by Insider Monkey.

The show has been on the air for quite some time, and people still can’t get enough of it. Until the show first aired in 2004, hardly anyone understood the struggle and toil behind designing clothes. Ordering a tailored suit is one thing, but making it from scratch is a whole different dimension. It’s not all about finding inspiration for something new and daring. It’s also a challenge to transfer the design from the sketch into the real life. If you succeed in it, you’re on a good way to become a true designer. Last time Insider Monkey wrote about them, there were  7 most successful project runway contestants. Now they added one more name to the list.

It has to be mentioned that all the winners from this list are earning millions as we speak. Or at least a million, but that still counts. Interestingly, having Michelle Obama as your customer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the richest of the bunch. All in all, the designers are following their dreams, and it’s no mean feat in fashion world. The trends are changing as we speak, and one doesn’t know which is harder: following them, predicting them, or creating something so original no one has done that before?

The designers listed are renowned because they are designing clothes for ordinary customers. Therefore, the famous costume designer for Star Trek was excluded from the list. Also, all the designers have their own brands. Perhaps you’ve already bought a piece of their creativity.

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