Gaming has never been so main stream like today. With the rise of technologies like VR and the release of flagship consoles this year, the gaming industry is booming. That said, thanks to smartphones, you no longer need a dedicated gaming console or even a gaming computer to enjoy this amazing pass time. Modern smartphones are quite capable when it comes to high definition gaming. Game developers are taking this opportunity, and producing games for smartphones that sometimes look just like a console game. Now, that said, not every smartphone out there can run these games flawlessly. Regardless how much RAM and processing power your phone has, unless it is also equipped with a good GPU (graphics processing unit) you cannot run high definition games smoothly. This is why, if you intend to do gaming on the go, and you do not wish to spend extra money for a dedicated mobile gaming console, you need to buy your smartphone carefully. You must make sure that your smartphone is equipped with a beefy enough GPU that can handle modern games, at least for the next year or so. If you are unsure about what GPU should you get, then I can certainly help you with that.

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