8 Things Teens Buy the Most


If you are a teen yourself, or if you happen to be a guardian of a teenage boy or girl, then I highly recommend the following article to you. For a teenage person, then it is the best time of his/her life, however, for a guardian, it is a quite a difficult period. As this is the time, when kids tend to make irrecoverable mistakes and the consequences of which haunt them for their entire life. And the job of the guardian in this critical time period, is to prevent that from happening. Anyway, our topic of today is not how to be a good guardian to a teen. Rather, we will talk about the products that teens prefer to buy. Now, this data holds great significance. Because teens are a huge demographic, who act on impulse, and can easily become opinion formers. Also, teens act as trend setters as well. So, if you run a business, you would definitely like to have the teens at your side. There are many surveys every year to find out what the teens spend their money on, and one such survey is done by US-based asset management firm Piper Jaffray’s. And it is called a semi-annual survey on US teens. We took help from this particular survey to compile our list.

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