8 Worst Dressed Countries in The World


The way you dress is completely up to you. You can exercise full personal freedom while you dress, unless it goes against some local laws. However, societies have some implied dress code, regardless where ever you live, you tend to abide by those directives while you dress subconsciously at the least. But today, we will not be talking about countries with great fashion sense, but rather countries that kind of slack off when it comes to dressing up. If your country shows up in the list, please do not take offense from it. It only shows that people are more liberated in those countries and they do not give into social norms that contradicts their personal preferences. But that does not any way mean that people from this country just have bad fashion sense, they just do not bother to meticulously dress for every day tasks, but that certainly changes when the occasion calls for it. After all, regardless how you dress, that does not change the person who you really are, it only makes you look better, but as they say “beauty is only skin deep”. So, let us find out about the countries that on an average do not care about looks.

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