9 Best Places To See in India Before You Die


India has been considered as the land of contrasts that has beautiful beaches rolling mountains, fertile valleys, forests and even deserts. Thus making it the land which can cater to every type of vacation conceivable by human minds, including nature and eco-tourism, adventure tourism, beach tourism and cultural tourism. In addition to all the natural beauty that India has to offer, there is something else which draws many tourists to this mystical country, and that is the spirituality and amalgamation of a multitude of culturally diverse people. In India one can find a forward thinker and secular man walking with someone who holds true to his traditional beliefs, and all that happens in perfect harmony. The Indians people are a welcoming bunch, the majority of Indian population is Hindu and in Hinduism, guests are considered as representatives of the gods. And if you like food, you can have your fill in India, from high end restaurants to street vendors India has a wide variety of cuisine to offer to those who wish indulge in a culinary adventure. India is home to more than a billion people living in peace and harmony as the world’s largest democratic country, if not anything else that is something one might want to see for him/herself.

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