9 Best Places to See in The Philippines Before You Die


The Philippines or officially known as the Republic of the Philippines is an island country in Southeast Asia. It consists of more than seven thousand islands and is home to some of the most amazing island tourist spots of the world. Many tourists over the world flock to the Philippines to enjoy the white sandy beaches and awesome weather the island country has to offer. Also the countries mega cities offer an amazing experience, shopping, casinos, pubs, you name it. Even though the islands of Philippines share many similarities with islands of many other nations in Southeast Asia, but they are rather unique in a sense that, unlike the Philippines other countries of this region was colonized by the British but the Philippines had been ruled for over three hundred years by the Spanish prior to its liberation in 1946. The cultural variation is very noticeable and provides a different contrast to things. If you are planning a holiday in Southeast Asia then I believe I can point you towards some of the most exciting destinations in the Philippines that you must visit during your stay.

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