Ever since the power of smartphones unleashed on the world. People have been craving for more. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone at their disposal, and many even have more than one. If we look at the sales figure alone, we can see that smartphones are currently outselling any other form of computer, such as a laptop or desktop, four to one. That number tells you that, there are many people out there who have considerable computing and processing power in their hands in the form of their smartphones, and many of them are naturally willing to do whatever it takes to get the most out of their handheld computers. This notion basically led to the development of productivity apps or applications that many use today to do useful things, to make their lives more productive. If you are an owner of a smartphone, which you probably are. You are definitely aware of the app store of your phones operating system. Yes, the major smartphone operating systems today are the iOS and the Android both have quite extensive app stores for the convenience of their users. But today, we will only focus on productive apps for Android. But be on the lookout if you are an iOS user, that list will come along eventually.

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