The history of mankind is of strife and war. Up to the end of world war two, we were unaware of the destructive nature of nuclear weapons. But, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed the world the destructive power of a nuclear device. Thankfully, the world never had to experience such a calamity ever again, and we want it that way. Even the most pro-war person fears a nuclear attack. Its power is so devastating, that the effects of such a blast will continue to cause damage to the area even decades after the event. I was merely talking about the first atomic bombs. You can imagine what will the detonation of a modern atomic bomb do at a city center. Now, that said, back in the day, only the United States of America had nuclear capabilities. But over the years, many other countries have achieved this devastating weapon. And of course some countries that pose hostilities towards the United States also alleged possess this weapon. Today we will try to look at some countries that have acquired nuclear weapons, and also try to answer the question whether Turkey possesses Nukes or not?

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