9 Most Expensive Luxury Clothing Brands in 2015


Nothing can express more profoundly what we are, that the clothes we wear. We have come a long way since we had to wear clothes as a necessity to protect us from the elements. Clothes have now evolved into something more. It is the perfect medium through which we communicate our sense of being, it is how we perceive fashion. Along with being a profound form of self expression, fashion is also how we can showcase our social status. Similar to how an expensive house or a latest model sports car would. The designer clothes that you fancy can say much more than just where you shop, it can communicate your level of sophistication, income your taste and liking and even where you are in life. Clothes play a vital role when you want to make an impression. We all know how difficult it is to have a lasting impression on someone. To aid us in our never ending quest for self expression, many clothing brands have come forward with their own uniqueness and sense of fashion.

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