9 Smartphones with Expandable Memory: 2015 Models


Back in the when mobile phones were just beginning to become the norm, we just loved the fact that we do not need a notebook to keep all the numbers we need. Our mobile phone’s storage was more than enough to save the important numbers on the device. But as time passed and as smartphones eventually emerged, there arose a new problem. As we all know that smartphones of today are quite capable computers, and they allow us to run extremely elaborate programs, just like any normal computer would. And installing and storing necessary files for these programs requires a lot of space. On top of that, now we can store our entire music library on our phone, and movies, TV shows and all that good stuff. That requires space. There was a time, when we wondered how could we ever possibly fill up the couple of megabytes of built in memory of the first generation multimedia phones, but now even the 128 gigabytes of memory seems a bit small for modern smartphones. On top of that, this year some of the prominent smartphone manufacturers have gone and took away the option of expanding the phone memory via memory cards. And that did not sit well with some customers.

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