A. O. Smith Corporation (NYSE:AOS)’s Director, Paul Jones, unloaded 20,000 shares of Common Stock yesterday. The transaction was executed directly and the shares were sold at $49.69 per share. This is the third stock disposition to be completed by the insider for the fiscal year so far. Jones had sold 25,000 shares of Common Stock at the end of April for a price of $47.34 per share. Following the latest sale, the director now holds a total of 194,428 shares of the $4.5 billion market cap water heating equipment manufacturer.

On another note, this quarter showed strong improvements amongst hedge funds, with several increases in A.O. Smith’s portfolio activity. Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies, which is currently the largest shareholder at the company, increased participation by 151%, and now owns a total of over 1.1 million shares, worth $51.2 million. Furthermore, this quarter’s strongest new shareholder position is occupied by Cr Intrinsic Investors, Sac Subsidiary’s hedge fund, which recently acquired 420,000 shares for a value of $19.3 million.

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