ABM Industries, Inc. (ABM) Insider Raises Holdings By Over 2,500 Shares


ABM Industries, Inc. (NYSE:ABM), watched as a high level insider executed a transaction altering his position with the company. This transaction began early in the week and was officially filed today, September 10th. Director Luke S. Helms acquired 2,509 shares of common stock at average prices ranging from $20.735 to $28.05 per share. Following this move, Helms currently holds a total of 73,630 shares directly with the corporation. Moreover, ABM Industries, Inc. (NYSE:ABM) is a $1.56 billion market cap provider of integrated facility solutions. The Company provides end-to-end integrated facilities management services to thousands of commercial, governmental, industrial, institutional, residential, and retail client facilities in hundreds of cities, primarily throughout the United States.

In addition, one of the largest outside investors in the company is Royce & Associates, the hedge fund run by billionaire Chuck Royce. After lowering its holdings by 1% over the course of the last fiscal quarter, the fund now holds about 1.16 million shares worth approximately $31.4 million.

Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.

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