Adele Accused of Plagiarizing Kurdish Singer Ahmet Kaya


Music has become a part of our life, and in this time and age, when your entire music library can always travel with you, like oxygen, we cannot imagine living without listening to music. While we are going from one place to another or waiting in queue, or just enjoying some “me time” we tend to plug in our headphones and get lost in the stereo world. That being said, with so many media available to musicians, if anything the field of music is highly saturated to say the list, even with this many genres of music available today, coming up with something unique and original is extremely difficult for today’s musicians. And this problem has led to many controversies and allegations of plagiarism. And we will talk about one such event in our article today. If you are a fan of Soul, pop, blue-eyed soul and R&B then you are definitely familiar with the Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or also known as just Adele to fans. She started her career online, and quickly climbed up the stairs to become a well-known celebrity in the music world. However, she has recently been accused of plagiarism. Along with this information, we have list that covers other high profile plagiarism cases.

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