Michael Gradon, Director of AerCap Holdings N.V. (NYSE:AER), sold 3,250 shares of his stock at the company today, at $45.23. Following Gradon’s sale, he now holds merely 592 shares to his name. It seems this trend is common amongst company insiders, since Director James Chapman has also been selling his stock, with the most recent sale of 2000 shares at $46.94, registered two weeks ago.

However, the past quarter showed several new company stock acquisitions amongst hedge funds, all of which exceeded a value of $50 million. Joshua Kaufman and Craig Nerenberg‘s hedge fund, Brenner West Capital Partners, purchased 1,344,715 shares, thereby adding 7.54% of this stock to the portfolio and surpassing a value of $56 million. Lee Ainslie‘s Maverick Capital also acquired 2,487,682 shares, worth almost $105 million. But the biggest new purchase was made by Barry Rosenstein‘s hedge fund, Jana Partners, which bought 9,856,610 shares at a value of approximately $4.5 million. This stock now comprises 4.89% of the hedge fund’s portfolio.

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