Speaking to Jeff Pulver, the co-founder of Vonage, which is a telephone service company and Zula, which is a team communication app, and anchor Deirdre Bolton on Fox Business discussed on the latest concept of T-Mobile Us Inc. (NYSE:TMUS) and the release of Amazon.com Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) ‘Fire Phone.’

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Pulver said that he was more interested in High Definition Voice (HD Voice), which he consider will be a game changer going ahead. On Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s smartphone called the ‘Fire Phone,’ Pulver said:

“I believe if he (Jeff Bezos) stays in the phone business, 2 years from now it will not look anything like where it is today, he will be able to get this ecosystem going. Everyone who is building on Amazon cloud will start building on Amazon phone.”

He also added that Amazon.com Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) new phone is a ‘foul ball’.

“He (Jeff Bezos) should have been saying: “we want to make HD voice happen” or being able to be a systems integrator and connect certain dots with certain apps that are out there already and bring it out to the public.”

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In another discussion in the ‘On Willis Report’ program on Fox Business, anchor Gerry Willis spoke to Pete Pachel, the tech editor from Mashable, on whether Amazon.com Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) new phone would increase shopping bill for its owners.

Replying to the question, Pachel said that the phone has a special button dedicated to shoppers.

“Once you press it you just aim your phone at any object, pretty much, and it will tell you, if it is available on Amazon, how much is it, were you can get it,” he added.

Pachel said that it would help users instantly to know how to get any object/product that they like, by just pointing the phone on it and clicking the button. He added that the big differentiating factors are the shopping button and free unlimited cloud storage for photos that the Fire Phone offers.

Pachel added that even though the phone doesn’t compete with other smartphones in terms of its specifications, but it can still hold itself. The phone is set to be out by July 25 and the price for the same starts at $199.

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