American Capital Ltd. (ACAS) Insider Continues To Drop Stakes In The Company

American Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACAS), saw an insider continue his streak of decreasing his exposure to the company. Senior Vice President, Brian Graff, disposed of 10,933 shares at prices ranging from $15.43 to $15.50 per share. This was not his first move of this sort, as he his sold over 5,000 shares since the beginning of this year.
Following this transaction, Graff now holds 118,717.62 shares directly, and 6,878 shares indirectly in the company. American Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACAS), the $4.15 billion market cap equity firm and global asset manager. American Capital invests in private equity, private debt, private real estate securities and other investments, technology investments, special situation investments, alternative asset funds managed by the Company.
In addition, there are two major hedge funds with holdings in the company. Pine River Capital Management, the hedge fund run by Brian Taylor, saw a 25% decrease in it’s holdings last quarter, and now has 10,038,569 shares worth about $158.5 million; while Jeffrey Tannenbaum‘s Fir Tree hedge fund went the opposite direction, reporting a 222% rise in it’s exposure last quarter, and now holds 9,254,414 shares worth approximately $146 million.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.