Angie’s List Inc. (NASDAQ:ANGI) Director, Michael Maurer, bought 12,000 shares of Common Stock yesterday. The stock was purchased directly and the insider paid a weighted average price of $8.14 per share. This is the first time that Maurer completes a stock acquisition since his last purchase of 31,000 shares for $12.96 per share, two years ago. Following the transaction, the company director now holds a total of 82,211 shares to his name.

While Maurer completed the only stock purchase of fiscal 2014, Angie’s List has seen several insiders sell their stock. Such is the case with the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Seelye William Oesterle, who completed several dispositions over the past month. The insider sold 6,400 shares of Common Stock two weeks ago, for a price of $10.43 per share, as well as unloading 6,400 shares at the beginning of July, for $12.28 per share. Furthermore, Angela Bowman Hicks, Chief Marketing Officer at Angie’s List, sold 3,000 shares of Common Stock at the end of June, for a price of $11.70 per share.

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