Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s HomeKit-Compatible Devices – Virtual is The Key


One of the initial partners of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s HomeKit certification program was August Smart Lock, an electronic lock that provides keyless entry into the home. August recently started the shipment of a limited amount of devices to selected customers that placed orders on the company’s website and have been patiently waiting since, as re/code said in an article.

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In the certification process, which is supposed to ensure that any connected home device will be compatible with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) operating system, participated companies like Philips, which chose to present Hue Lux light bulb, and Honeywell, a thermostat producer. The certification is not yet completed, thus many more inventions are awaiting their development and shipment.

August Smart Lock is deemed to be revolutionary not only in the fact that access to one’s home is granted through a special electronic key accessible through an App, but also because it works with practically any deadbolt lock available at Sears, Home Depot and other more or less specialized shops. It took almost one year for Mr. Jason Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of August Smart Lock to make sure that there will be no need of changing the locks.

“Instead of replacing locks on the door, we wanted it to work with existing locks and only install on the inside of the door. We had to buy hundreds of deadbolt locks … We went to many homes, studied the many shapes and types of deadbolt locks out there, and came up with a solution.” Mr. Jason Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of August Smart Lock, was quoted as saying.

Note that locks will still have to be adapted for the new usage. Some minor changes to the already installed locks must be done, but they resume to replacing the interior portion of an existing deadbolt lock with an electronic one. The following part of the procedure is only a matter of introducing a password, click, click and welcome home.

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