Are Solar Roadways and Panels Really the Good Idea?


Renewable energy is said to be the best way to save the energy as it will always be updated and more important, it will prevent global warming. But are solar roadways and panels really the good idea?

Since solar panels are charged with solar energy that comes from the sun, which means that, this way, we will never run out of it. This is the cheapest way to save and reuse energy when you think about it. The other advantage is that there would be no fossil fuel that is actually guilty for the climate changes.
Now, we have Germany that is the pioneer and the leading country in solar panels research. 22% of their energy is collected renewable energy, of which about a quarter is collected from the solar panels. But this actually brings us to the first issue of solar roadways and solar panels and those are the countries that don’t have that appropriate climate for solar panels collection.  These countries meet the cloudy and windy weather all the time, and the sun is out just a few times each month and even less.

The second problem of the solar panels is the fact that they have to be put under a specific angle, but as the sun is moving each hour, it will eventually disappear from the radar and the sunshine wouldn’t fall under the needed angle, which means that solar panels wouldn’t have anything to collect from it.

The most obvious problem of all is the night. As the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours per a day, there would be approximately 10 hours per a day of collectible energy during the spring and summer, but during the winter when the sun shines for the only couple of hours per a day, this number would be even smaller. Not to mention the fact that even if it saves up a lot of money on the bills, solar panels are very expensive to install and it would take few years before they actually pay up. As always, there are two sides of every story. So are solar roadways and solar road panels debunked/busted or a great idea? Check out Insider Monkey’s article with all other pros and cons and see it yourself.