So what do you think? Are there snake breeders and reptile shops in NJ and New York? Insider Monkey has investigated the answer for us. It is always advisable to get an insight into the health and condition of a new pet. For example if you want to get a certain dog breed, it is a good idea if you get in contact with those who have that breed and naturally with breeders.

It is the same if you tend to have snakes, reptiles. If you check Insider Monkey’s article you will be informed where to visit before buying a reptile pet. According to a survey there are 11.5 million reptile pets throughout the US and most of them have been bought from stores. It is a very good thing because the stores can sell only examined, healthy animals and they have the necessary knowledge to tell you everything about that animal. Regarding to reptile pets you should raise a captive-bred animal whose ancestors have already experienced life with humans. If I wanted to purchase a reptile pet I would buy it from a small-scale breeder because they are devoted to that certain species and know everything about the animal I want to buy.

Insider Monkey has created a list about snake breeders and reptile shops by going through many breeders’ and shops’ websites. Their main guideline comes from Kingsnake website which has been specialized for snakes. They also used ReptileCity recommendations for stores that are very good. They avoided using those breeders’ offers that didn’t have websites, only phone numbers or just an email address, because it would have been risky to use their offers without any insight. They focused on smaller reptile pet shops and small-scale breeders with experience in breeding these animals.

We have picked three items from their list: J’s Jungle; Raquel’s Exotic Reptiles, and Kicksballs. J’s Jungle is in West Islip, NY and if you check their website this store is No. 1 pet store on the Long Island. What’s more not only do they sell reptiles and exotic animals, birds, bit cats and dogs as well. Raquel’s Exotic Reptiles is in Island Park, NY. You can purchase high quality captive bred reptiles here. The last one for now is Kickballs that is in Lockport, NY. This breeder is specialized for ball pythons. You can also buy animals online from this store.

It is really worth reading the article about the snake breeders and reptile shops in NJ and New York.


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